DominateAsset Management Suite

Dominate Asset Management System

Dominate Asset Management Suite is a set of powerful solutions to solve today’s ever-changing field challenges. Our asset management system turns your site’s raw data into real-time actionable intelligence to help you stay on schedule and on budget. Dominate Asset Management Suite is a part of the Dominate Enterprise Solutions platform that can work independently or in tandem with our Workforce and Productivity Suites.

The Dominate Asset Management Suite provides real-time management of your capital assets, equipment, tools and materials during all stages of your operations. Our system helps you to optimize your business process and improve productivity, quality, safety and sustainability. We are trusted by customers to connect their field operation, improving project profitability, enhancing productivity, and effectively collaborating across the broad construction ecosystem.
DominateAsset Suites is based on the Dominate SmartSite’s IoT Cloud Platform and is designed to enable real-time capital asset management within your entire operation. The platform is comprised of a web-based application that is tightly integrated with mobile apps and the latest wireless technologies such as RFID, Barcode, BLE, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Cellular, GPS and Sensors. DominateAsset Suites can quickly integrate with your existing AMS, ERP and any other legacy systems to provide your application with the latest technology. This solution may also be used as a standalone system or combined with any of our DominateField Suites for maximum benefits and control over your site.

Dominate Asset Management system incorporates the following outstanding features:

  • Modular and scalable solutions – suitable for companies of any size and locations.
  • Cradle-to-grave management of assets including purchase, lease/rental, check-out/In, Transfer, warranty,
    disposal, depreciation, etc.
  • Manage preventive maintenance, calibration and repair activities with auto-notification of due dates. Service assets in the field using mobile service app.
  • Service assets in the field using mobile service app.
  • Asset reservation and rental/lease modules maximize asset utilization.
  • Alert engine triggers notifications when pre-defined conditions are met.
  • IoT cloud-based platform supports Barcode, RFID, BLE, ZigBee, Sensors, Cellular, GPS, etc.
  • View assets in real-time on the map of your facility and the world map.
  • Extensive mobile applications capable of working in online and offline modes.
  • Autonomous remote location asset control, tool cribs, trailers, storage facilities, and off-site locations.
  • IoT-based sensors monitor asset environment and movement.

Asset Check-in/out

The asset management system associates assets to an employee, role, or a customer and tracks complete chain-of-custody. It automatically emails due date reminders and can track asset check-out costs to a project or location.

Asset Services

Asset Services is a complete service and repair module that manages all aspects of asset’s service, preventive maintenance (PM) and calibration. It can track the PM and calibration based on expiration date, odometer reading, meter reading, hours used or number of usages. Work order will track work done, parts used and even 3rd party repair services with all associated costs. An easy to use mobile service app allows user to perform the service in the field.

Real-Time Dashboards

DominateAsset Suites provides you with a powerful control center to monitor and orchestrate all activities of your assets in real-time.

100% Mobility

Smart phones, tablets and handled RFID scanners provide the mobility to register new assets, tag assets, check-in/out, transfer-in/out, disposal, and perform a variety of other functions in the field. You can use the audio and visual indicators to search for and quickly find the missing or misplaced assets.

Alerts Module

DominateAsset Suites incorporates an extensive set of configurable alerts to help you control restricted access to areas or assets, monitor suspicious activities around sensitive zones, and alert operators accordingly. Alerts can be set to notify operators via email, SMS, pop-up screens, strobe light or buzzer.

Notification Module

The notification module reminds you of date-sensitive events such as expiration dates, warranty expiration dates, preventive maintenance or calibration based on the service events established for an asset.

Asset Audit

Get an accurate verification of what you have, what is missing and what has been misplaced in real-time. The system provides four different types of audit: Asset Audit, Asset Count, Express Audit and Asset Search.

Drone Asset Audit

Drones are transforming how we conduct asset count and inspections. DominateAsset provides capability to audit assets in a large territory using drones. Drone auditing provide a fast, efficient, and thorough way to count your asset in a large territory.

Asset Transfer

The Transfer module allows transfers out of a facility and securely transfer in at another.

Asset Reservation

There are times when a high valued asset (or rental asset) is in short supply but high in demand. Asset Reservation allows each user to reserve an asset for a specified duration with minimal interruption to your operation.

Bill of Materials (BoM)

The BoM module keeps track of assets that are components of another asset (parent asset). BoM is a perfect tool for kit tracking.

Adaptable Asset Database

Define unlimited asset properties for each asset and easily adapt it to your existing ERP, AMS or any other platform.


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