Asset Performance Management (APM)

We turn your asset’s raw data into real-time
actionable intelligence!

Solutions for Achieving Greater Value, Reducing Costs,
Eliminating Risks and Optimizing Operation’s Efficiency


Asset Performance

Improve asset reliability, availability, minimize risks & costs.

  • Enterprise Asset
    Management (EAM)

  • Facility

  • PM / Predictive

  • Fleet

  • Inventory / RTI

  • Wireless Sensor

    Wireless Sensor monitoring

If You Can't Measure It,
You Can't Improve It.
Peter Drucker

Asset Visibility provides real-time information on the location, movement,
status, & identity of tools, equipment, spare parts & custodians.

Preventive & Predictive Maintenance helps keep your assets up &
running with minimum downtime.

Inventory helps you to know what asset & inventory you have,
how many you have and where they are.

Mobile Apps help you to manage your assets & service them on the go, in real-time.

Watches your assets without you watching it. The AI-driven algorithms monitor asset
utilization to provide recommendations for better asset use.

Asset Scheduling maximizes your high valued asset utilization.

Asset Rental/Lease provides better visibility & control of your leased asset & costs.

Chain of Custody Tracking provides accountability & lowers financial losses.

Asset Audit helps you know missing & misplaced assets in seconds.

APM Features

Asset Management

  • Asset Type with unlimited Attributes
  • Asset Audits (Counts, Misplaced, Missing, Search)
  • Asset Check-out/In, Transfer-Out/In
  • Asset Reservation
  • Asset Rental Tracking

Maintenance & Service

  • Preventive & Calibration Maintenance
  • Planned & Corrective Maintenance
  • Vendor Managed Maintenance
  • Maintenance Dashboard
  • Warranty Tracking

Work Orders

  • Work Order Requests
  • Assignment
  • Status & Aging
  • Task Lists
  • Cost Tracking

Document Management

  • O&M manuals
  • Drawings, Schematics
  • 3D models, BIM
  • Images, Videos
  • Vendor Submittals


  • Inventory & Spare Parts
  • Inventory Level Tracking
  • Inventory Locations
  • Inventory Audit
  • Low Stock Alerts

Alerts & Notifications

  • Rule-based Alert
  • Notifications
  • Reminders
  • Actions (siren, light strobe, door control Pop-up message, SMS, Email)


  • Live Floorplan Visibility
  • Live Geo-location Tracking
  • Live Dashboards
  • iOS and Android
  • On-line & Off-line Access

Environment Monitoring

  • Temperature & Humidity
  • Water Leak, Light Sensing
  • Smoke, C02 detection
  • Vibration, motion detection
  • Generates Alerts & Notifications


  • Live Dashboards
  • AI-powered Insight
  • Asset Utilization
  • Asset Health
  • Audit Analysis

Security & Access

  • Enterprise Multi-site Role & User Control
  • SSO & AUTH0 Security
  • HTTPS connections (point-to-point)
  • Cryptographic algorithms (AES128)
  • Counter Mode & OMAC1 message integrity


  • Import/Export Wizard
  • CarTrack Fleet Management
  • GPS & RFID Devices
  • Condition Monitoring Hardware
  • Extensive APIs

Patented Hardware

  • No AC power or Network Required
  • Battery-based (long lasting)
  • Passive RFID, Barcode, GPS & Sensors
  • Active BLE with mesh network
  • Quick DIY Installation

Real-time Dashboards

Dominate Asset Performance Management Solution Real-time Dashboards
Dominate Asset Performance Management Solution Real-time Dashboards

Real-time Dashboards

Dominate Asset Performance Management Solution Real-time Dashboards
Dominate Asset Performance Management Solution Real-time Dashboards
Why Dominate SmartSite?

Key System Features

  • Plug & play Installation
  • IoT-based, Integrated & Ready to Go
  • Hardware Agnostic; Active & Passive RFID, Sensors, GPS, Barcode
  • Mobile-enabled (iOS & Android)
  • Real-time Dashboards & Analytics
  • PM, Predictive & Repair Services
  • Real-time Alerts & Notifications
  • Cloud-based, Encrypted & Secure

Zero Investment & Risks

  • Bundled hardware & software.
  • Low-cost cloud-based subscription model.
  • No upfront costs, no CAPEX.
  • No long-term contract.

Hardware Agnostic

Passive RFID

Dominate SmartSite Passive RFID Tags

Active RFID

Dominate SmartSite Active RFID Tags


Dominate SmartSite Barcode Tagging


Dominate SmartSite Sensors

GPS Devices

Dominate SmartSite GPS Devices
Active RFID Hardware Architecture
Location Zone Tags
Workforce Tag
Asset & Material Tags

Active RFID Designed for Harsh Environment

  • No AC Power required. Runs on long-lasting battery (12 months).
  • No Internet connection required (creates its own BLE mesh network).
  • Quick installation and expansion (less than 2 minutes per device).
  • High availability with no single point of failure.
  • IP67 ratings (water & dust proof)
  • Read range of up to 100 meters (329 ft.)
  • Encrypted and secured network.
  • Complete site coverage.

Real-time Visibility
Like Never Before!

What assets are currently available onsite?
Where are they located at any time?
Are they underutilized, fully utilized or over utilized?
How much are they costing you?
What assets & resources are available for allocation?
Who is checking the asset in or out?
Has anyone reserved the asset for later use?
Who has the required training certificate & skills to operate
a machine or use an asset?

Deploy Dominate Asset Performance Management
& witness the miraculous results:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Improved asset availability & performance
  • Improved utilization of existing assets
  • Reduced Returnable Transport Items (RTI) losses
  • Reduced equipment downtime
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Reduced excessive idle assets
  • Reduced accidents and incident rates

Real-time dashboards providing information about Asset Audit, Asset Count, Transactions, Due Dates,etc. to make confident decisions based on actual data.


Asset Audit

7 staplers were allocated to the Zone B. Today, system shows one is missing.

Up-to-date reports providing insights into Asset Maintenance , real-time demand & supply gaps to drive confident, proactive & data-driven decisions.


Maintenance & Supply Gaps

At the rate the power generator “Asset01” is working, it needs to be serviced in 15 days. Spare part inventory at site A is low on spark plugs. This will affect PM service of “Asset02” & ”Asset03” which are due next week.

Advanced analytics providing recommendations for better management of assets


Recommendations for Asset Management

We need to purchase a number of new drills. To make a good purchasing decision, it is necessary to view all details of previous drills’ lifecycle – from acquisition to disposal. Did they last as long as expected?

Real-Time Visibility

Asset Count

Presently, there are 5 air compressors available on site A.

Idle Assets

Currently, there is one idle generator in Site C.

Asset Services

There is a PM due date for Asset008 next week. It s current Odometer shows 12330.


John from Trade B’s group has checked out 2 saw drills yesterday.

Service Due Dates

The excavator working in Zone 3 should be inspected for proper functioning tomorrow.


The rented asset with tag ID 120031 must be returned in two days.

Asset Audits

There are 3 assets missing from Site A.

Real-time Insights

Asset Management

What kinds of alerts have been issued for critical assets recently? Restricted movement? Anti-theft?

Schedule Issues

Excavation work in location A was planned to be done in 150 hours. The group has been working for almost 200 hours now, & it is not finished yet. This is mainly due to excavators breaking down repeatedly. If things keep going like this, it is reasonable to expect one week of delay.

Cost Issues

It was planned to spend no more than $11,000 for renting heavy machinery, but at the end it costed $19,000. Why did they have to keep the machine for a longer duration of time?

Asset Productivity Rations

We spent $4500 on assets to complete task A. Our revenue was $2920. This means for each dollar we spent, we earned $0.65 with Asset Productivity Ratio of 65%.

Advanced Analytics

Asset Optimization

Aging assets are hindering the project’s progress. Perhaps we need to replace some of them with a new ones.

Financial Decisions

There are 5 underutilized generators on site A. Should we transfer or sell them?

Financial Advices

The asset with tag ID 120086 has been serviced 5 times during the past 2 months at a total cost of $3400. Perhaps we need to replace this asset with either a new one or a rental.

Tactical Advices

Company's profit margins are being gobbled up by underutilized assets. This is primarily because purchased assets are used for a short while and then left aside and forgotten. Perhaps we need to rent assets instead.

Use Data to Realize Efficiencies,
Minimize Costs, Control Risks
& Improve Asset Performance.
  • Gain complete visibility and control of all equipment and
    assets across your facility.
  • Leverage data automation for asset allocation analysis and reporting.
  • Eliminate the need to search for lost or misplaced items.
  • Improve asset availability, and cut down on time wasted for
    asset tracking and management.
  • Automate asset management including check-in/check-out,
    auditing and reporting.
  • Reduce asset-related operating costs, extend asset life and
    Improve ROA (return on assets).
  • Decrease downtime and monitor asset health and performance.
  • Optimize asset utilization within and across projects.

Our Goal

Partner with our clients to transform their organizations in the ways that matter most to them.
This means embedding digital, analytics, and design into core processes and mind-sets; building capabilities that help organizations and people to thrive in an ever-changing context; and developing excellence in execution to ensure that actions translate into outcomes, quickly and sustainably.
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