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Preventive Maintenance Ensures Enhanced Equipment Reliability and Workforce Safety in Construction Industry

Preventive Maintenance for Construction Industry
November 22, 2018

In today’s construction environment there is no room left for Run-to-Failure maintenance strategy, since when a machine fails, the result is unforeseen downtime and expensive repairs that negatively affect the company. Downtime brings about significant losses in productivity. It also adversely impacts other operations through the jobsite. What’s more, when a machine is down, you …

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Foreman Productivity on Construction Sites: Challenges and Opportunities for Improvement

Construction Foremen Productivity Enhanced through IIoT Solutions
November 22, 2018

Construction contractors and site managers heavily rely on their field foremen for coordination of operations and making sure that everyone is doing their job correctly. However, these foremen are always busy with ever increasing responsibilities on all sides. Their work ranges from keeping track of worker’s allocated activities and attendance to the management of materials, …

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How to Identify Idle Assets and Eliminate Losses with DominateAsset Suite

Identify Idle Assets and Eliminate Losses with DominateAsset Suite
October 22, 2018

Some turn dust into gold. Well, that may seem quite far-fetched, literally speaking. However, there are those who have discovered ways to achieve virtually the same end result. They identify the resources that are going to waste and miraculously turn them into revenue generating machines. How? Let’s find out! Turning Losses into Profits A company's …

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