DS-R4 is a high capacity (low latency) BLE Location Router and is designed for high traffic areas as well as providing high throughput data transfer in a BLE Mesh Network (20 messages per second). It can be connected to an AC outlet (110-220V) and/or use its internal rechargeable battery (9,600 mAh). It can be affixed to locations via screws, magnet, cable tie or double-sided adhesive tape.


  • Workforce Management
  • Asset Tracking


Description BLE Router, Low Latency BLE Mesh Network
Model No. DS-R4
Power Source 110-220V AC with built-in Rechargeable Battery
Size (H x W x L) 100*70*50 mm


BLE Module NRF52832
RFID Antenna BLE, HF, NFC Antenna
Power Output 300m (+4dbm)
Ingress Protection IP65. Dust Proof
Battery Type 9,600 mAh Lithium Ion
Battery Lifetime 50 days. Use dependent
Battery Type Rechargeable
Attachment Method Screw, Magnet, Adhesive, Cable Tie
Color White
Material ABS
Operating Temperature -20 to +55ºC

-4 to +131ºF


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