• Wirelessly connects your crew, machinery, and environment to the digital world.
  • Real-time visibility of crew, subcontractors and equipment on vessel and dry-docks dramatically improves maritime safety and productivity.
  • Mitigate safety risks through automated man-down (fall-detection) and SOS emergency alerts anywhere on the vessel.
  • Real-time mustering and emergency evacuation management provides safe and timely evacuation addressing vessel and site’s safety requirements.
  • Utilizing sensors, monitor Vessel’s confined areas for air quality, temperature/humidity, hazardous gases, leaks, etc.
  • Intelligent software to monitor and maintain critical vessel assets by optimizing the life-cycle maintenance of equipment and parts.
  • Predictive maintenance removes costly, unnecessary and invasive maintenance.
  • Increase vessel Managed Per Person Ratio.
    and a lot more…..
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