On-Site or Remote, whichever works for you

The success of any initiative depends on the commitment of the people driving it. Our system turns extensive raw data generated by tags, sensors, gateways and mobile devices into actionable intelligence, so you can make informed decisions with confidence.
Our solution consultants provide the right know-how and experience to implement the solutions flawlessly and achieve efficiency, productivity, and safety never before possible.
We provide end-to-end professional services including requirement analysis, implementation, monitoring, customized daily reports, data analytics, business intelligence and safety & security.   We can handle your workforce registration, training, support, helmet tagging & de-tagging and quickly respond to hardware issues such as replacement, power outages, network interruptions and alerts.
Our specialists participate in daily meetings and respond to ever-changing management requests.  You will receive an unbiased real-time view of your site which will help in improving businesses processes, reduce risks, increase efficiency and achieve a high ROI.

On-Site Solution Consultant

Full-time, on-site solution consultant responsibilities will include:

  • Workforce Attendance Control and Training

  • Daily Production Capturing

  • Provide daily Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Productivity Goals & Gap Analysis

  • Subcontractor Monitoring and Invoice Reconciliation

  • Respond to Alerts and Take Appropriate Actions

  • System Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Continuous System Improvements and Hardware Relocation

  • Best Practice Consulting and System Training

What are the benefits of On-Site consultancy?

Dedicated and Focused

The on-site consultancy team (unlike the in-house management) isn’t distracted by other tasks. A full time consultant’s only job and focus is to deliver unique solutions that reflect the circumstances and aspirations of your operation.

Access To Highly Specialized Talent

True productivity and business benefit can be realized when this complex technology is properly planned, implemented and maintained. Our highly skilled and experienced consultant will provide best practices and comprehensive planning, implementing and maintaining to successfully deliver productivity improvements. Typically, these specific technical skills are nonexistent or in short supply in-house, and often leads to the transfer of such skills to in-house staff.

Focus On Core Business Functions

People are generally happiest doing what they do best. They get frustrated by distracting tasks that do not seem to pertain to their essential job functions. By using our consultants, the internal staff are free to spend time focusing on daily challenges and the business of the site.

Objective Perspective

On-site consultants are independent and provide you with an objective prospective, site evaluation, and reports that are unbiased and based on actual data without influence.

Reduce Downtime

Real-time information is the key to your site’s success. On-site consultants will respond to real-time alerts and take appropriate actions in a case of hardware failure such as power outage, network interruptions or low sensor battery to name a few. They make sure people are following established processes and procedures which ensures the system operates smoothly and efficiently.

No Overhead costs

Hiring full-time employees means taking on a variety of costs on top of salary: health insurance, vacation time, payroll taxes, workers comp, etc. Especially now with the employer mandate of the Affordable Care Act, full-time employees can be significantly more expensive.

Remote Consultant

Remote consulting services are perfect for those situations when the commitment of a full-time on-site consultant is not required.
This scenario typically happens when the customer has their dedicated on-site staff but needs additional support in analyzing site data, quick tips to solve a specific problem or investigate activities on deeper levels.   If you need part-time focused advice, or an independent party analyzing your data to provide daily reports and analytics, remote consulting is for you.

What are the benefits of remote consultancy?


If the project only needs a consultant for a short term or fixed services, having a remote consultant can be beneficial to the project. You can arrange to have remote help at the key points you need it. For example: preparing daily reports, data analytics, and business intelligence


Remote consulting services allow you to pay only for fixed services that your site needs. You will be given full access to a consultant that will be familiar and work on your project.

Fast response

While remote consulting does not aim to replace an on-site consultant, it will be useful to have someone knowledgeable to talk through your issues with. You can typically have a remote consultant booked to work for you much more quickly than an on-site visit could be arranged.


We will use remote access or VPN technology combined with security measures that meet your organization’s standards in facilitating a remote connection.


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