DominateProductivity Management Suite

Construction Productivity Management System

DominateField Suites is a set of powerful solutions to solve today’s ever-changing field challenges. Our system turns your site’s raw data into real-time actionable intelligence to help you stay on schedule and on budget.
Dominate Productivity Management Suite is a part of DominateField Suites that can work independently or in tandem with Dominate Workforce Suite.

The DominateProductivity Suite provides real-time management of your projects, work packages (WBS) and tasks (activities) during all stages of your operations. Our project productivity management system helps you to optimize your business process and improve productivity, quality, safety and sustainability. We are trusted by customers to connect their field operation, improving project profitability, enhancing productivity, and effectively collaborating across the broad construction ecosystem.
Dominate Productivity Management System is based on Dominate SmartSite’s IoT Cloud Platform and is designed for use in construction & industrial environments where specialized provisions and monitoring should be made when dealing with work in progress (WIP), productivity, scheduling and cost tracking. The platform comprises a web-based application that is tightly integrated with mobile apps and the latest wireless technologies such as RFID, BLE, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Cellular, GPS and Sensors. DominateProductivity works with Primavera, MS Project or any other systems to provide your application with the latest technology. DominateProductivity, in combination with our integrated Workforce Management Suite, provides a powerful solution in solving today’s ever-changing construction field challenges.

DominateProductivity will inform you of:

  • What project the crew is working on?
  • Who is idle or active?
  • How many hours have been spent on any activity?
  • How much work has been completed thus far?
  • What is the actual productivity vs. planned?
  • Is the project on schedule? If not, what is causing the delay?
  • Is the project on budget? If not, where is the cost overrun?
  • Is the subcontractor billing correctly?
  • Is the subcontractor on schedule?
  • What are the cost accounts and deviations from planned?

DominateProductivity’s Outstanding features:

  • Modular and scalable – suitable for companies of any size and locations.
  • Cloud-based and secure.
  • Mobile applications provide on-site data acquisition and capture.
  • Productivity analytics dashboards and reporting.
  • Organize projects, work packages and activities into work zones.
  • Alert engine triggers notifications when pre-defined conditions are met.
  • Digital footprint of projects, work packages and activities.
  • Continuous project updates and progress.
  • Works with Primavera P6, MS Projects and many other systems.
  • Multi-floor and horizontal tracking.

Project Productivity Management

The Dominate Productivity Management System provides real-time tracking and visibility of the most critical aspects of any project: schedule, labor, costs and the completed work quantity. Planners and managers can define projects with unlimited work packages. These work packages break down into individual activities/tasks with their own set of planned schedule, hours, costs and work quantity for more detailed control.

Real-Time WIP Visiblity

The construction productivity management system provides percentage of completion for each activity/task, work package and projects. Utilizing an integrated project and work package tree, you can identify at any time the delayed activity/tasks affecting the delivery of subsequent Work Packages and projects. The system presents an opportunity to deal with causes of delays before the construction project incurs financial losses.

Quantity Capturing

Using mobile devices, construction project engineers or supervisors can capture the quantity of production with its UoM or by % of completion for each activity/task, allowing the system to monitor and report any deviation between planned quantity vs actual completed quantity in real-time.

Labor Allocation

Using mobile devices, construction foremen or supervisors can allocate workforce to each activity/task, allowing the project productivity tracking system to track labor hours and report any deviation between planned labor hours vs actual in real-time.

Labor Cost Tracking

The system allows entering salaries, overtime and all other related costs to accurately track the labor costs for each activity/task, work package or project per shift. The employer can also use this data for cross-referencing with HR for calculating correct salary amounts. It is a powerful tool for managing subcontractor billings.

My Task

  • View Project, Work Packages and Tasks filtered by the login person.
  • Create new Project, Work Packages and Tasks or edit existing ones.
  • View or change Task Status.
  • View KPIs such as target vs. actual for duration, costs, work to be done and productivity.
  • Capture work quantity per % of completion or enter actual quantity with its UoM.
  • Allocate and re-allocate workforce to Tasks.
  • Close Tasks, Work Packages or Projects.
  • Add attachments to a Task, Work Package or Project through Image, Video, Text, Voice and Voice to Text.
  • Send emails to a group or anyone within the database.

100% Mobility

Mobile On-line Mode

Operate your entire construction site in real-time from a mobile device in an on-line mode. Mobile applications provide on-site data acquisition and capture. Use it to make real-time decisions, view workforce and available resources, allocate workforce to tasks, send alerts and communicate with other members of the project.

Mobile Off-line Mode

Data connectivity not available? Not a problem. Work in an off-line mode and sync with the cloud server whenever data connection is available.

Project Management Integration

The system is integrated with Oracle’s Primavera. The intelligent Import Wizard allows to import and export from any project management tools such as Microsoft PM and others. Utilizing its extensive set of APIs’, we can quickly integrate with your existing Project Management or any other legacy system to provide your application with the latest technology.

Field Communication

The construction productivity management system allows you to capture images, videos, voice and voice-to-text messages and email to anyone at the site. The attachment will become a part of the project, work package or task for historical traceability. The communication tool provides proficiency by allowing the user to collaborate with anyone within the chain of command. Everyone involved with the task is updated continuously with the project progress.

Real-Time Dashboards

Dashboards provide a powerful real-time control center to monitor and orchestrate all activities on your site. No more operating through a rear-view mirror.

Project Completion Dashboard

View site’s project completion charts based on Project, Work Package or Tasks. View real-time status and % of completion in comparison with any delays.

Project Visibility Dashboard

Provides view of project, work packages and tasks on group level or individually. Supervisors can quickly view where the bottlenecks are and how each delayed task will affect subsequent work packages and projects.

Map View

Maps provides a real-time visual representation of all your locations at the site or anywhere in the world. You can select a location and view everyone currently present at the location on the map of your facility.

Modular and Scalable Solution

DominateProductivity Suite is scalable and designed for both large multi-location sites or smaller single location companies.

IoT-based hardware choices

DominateProductivity suite is designed to work with a variety of IoT devices without any limitation. You can use Passive RFID, Active RFID, Barcode, QR Code or combination of all these identifications to scan your workforce, project, work package or task IDs in the system.

Access Level Security

The system provides options to establish your application and mobile’s access level based on role only, individual person or combination of the two. These powerful options allow you to customize access in a very detailed level.


DominateProductivity Suite works with Primavera and MS Projects. Extensive APIs allow to quickly and easily integrate with your existing software to provide your application with the latest technological capabilities.


You can customize software parameters without having to write a single line of code. Easily set business rules, complex security and alert management with no coding or software expertise required.


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