DominateWorkforce Management Suite

Construction Workforce Management System

DominateField Suites is a set of powerful solutions to solve today’s ever-changing field challenges. Our system turns your site’s raw data into real-time actionable intelligence to help you stay on schedule and on budget. Dominate Workforce Management Suite is a part of DominateField Suites that can work independently or in tandem with Dominate Productivity Suite.

The DominateWorkforce Management Suite manages your direct and indirect workforce during all stages of your operations. You can quickly detect the causes of delays and cost overruns and ensure a streamlined workflow in your operation. The system provides a proven solution for solving tough workforce challenges facing your site today.
DominateWorkforce Management Suite is based on the Dominate SmartSite’s IoT Cloud Platform and is designed for use in construction & industrial environments where specialized provisions and monitoring should be made when dealing with staff, subcontractors, laborers, temps and visitors. The platform comprises a web-based application that is tightly integrated with mobile apps and the latest wireless technologies such as RFID, BLE, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Cellular, GPS and Sensors. Utilizing its powerful tools, it can quickly and easily integrate with your existing Access Control, HRS, ERP and any other software to provide your legacy application with the latest technological capabilities, or you may use it as a standalone workforce management system.

DominateWorkforce Management System will inform you of:

  • Who is onsite or offsite?
  • Where are they at any time?
  • How much time are they spending in unproductive zones?
  • Who is arriving late or leaving early?
  • How productive and how much is your workforce costing you?
  • Which foremen or chargehand is the most productive?
  • What trade resources are available for job allocation?
  • What resources have the subcontractors placed at the site?
  • Who has not completed safety training?
  • Who is not carrying required safety gear?
  • Is everyone accounted for in an emergency evacuation? If missing, where are they now?

DominateWorkforce’s Outstanding Features:

  • Quick workforce entrance/exit, remote clock-in/out and proof of presence.
  • Real-time visibility of workforce including subcontractor crews.
  • Real-time analytics dashboards.
  • Autonomous shift change detection eliminates data entry when crew shift changes.
  • Manage restricted access to equipment or designated locations.
  • Alert engine triggers notifications when pre-defined conditions are met.
  • Multi-floor and horizontal tracking.
  • Mobile application provides on-site data acquisition and capture.
  • Modular solution – suitable for companies of any size and locations.
  • Cloud-based, secure and scalable.

Attendance Management

Site Access Control

Passive or active RFID-based scanning provides quick workforce entrance and exit. This feature was designed to manage multiple entrances/exits during a shift change when hundreds or even thousands of workers report to work while the same numbers are leaving. The system is also integrated with access control devices such as IRIS scan, facial recognition, finger print and card scanners.

Remote Clock-in/Clock out

Allows remote employees to clock in by capturing their picture and GPS location. They can also register multiple breaks during the shift. A clock out will again capture their image and GPS location. The system provides full attendance traceability no matter where your remote staff are located.


The system allows you to perform roll-call and location occupancy control during a shift or event.

Proof of Presence

The system can register a member’s or the security guard’s presence at a location on a pre-scheduled time during a shift or within 24 hours. It can alert you if they do not report at the designated location at the scheduled time.

Labor Cost Management

Complete Labor Pay Rates

The system allows entering salaries, overtime, weekends, holiday and benefit pay rates to accurately track the true labor costs per shift.

Workforce Cost Tracking

With built-in AI and complex algorithms, the system automatically determines normal and overtime hours and provides the true cost of your labor per shift, relieving you of deciphering attendance data to drive down labor costs. Attendance data per shift level (instead of 24 hours) helps you analyze costs and inefficiencies with much more detail.

Greater Jobsite Costing Visibility

Track labor hours & costs in productive or unproductive location zones. Track costs per Cost Account Codes for better understanding of your workforce and overall site performance.

Workforce Management

My Team

Allows user to create a hierarchy responsibility tree by grouping team members to a team leader. Utilizing our mobile app, a foreman, chargehand or a supervisor can monitor his team whereabouts in real-time including how long they have been in their location. He can also transfer some or all his workforce to other foremen.

Subcontractor Management

System provides full visibility of a subcontractor’s performance by tracking the subcontractor’s crew and what workforce have been deployed and hours logged. System shows delays, cost overruns and deviations from the agreed contract.

Real-Time Dashboards

Dashboards provide a powerful real-time control center to monitor and orchestrate all activities on your site. No more operating through a rear-view mirror.

Who’s In Dashboard

The Who’s In dashboard provides real-time location occupancy at each location zone for direct and indirect workforce. The dashboard also provides current location and the time spent at each location per member. It separates productive and unproductive zones for enhanced visibility.

Location Activity Dashboard

The location activity dashboard is a time-stamped location occupancy at each zone per shift. The dashboard provides an activity heat map and is a perfect tool to see the historical view of in/out and activities of each location zone for improved decision-making.

Available Resources Dashboard

Get a quick view of the total members present per trade at each location zone in graphical form. It assists to identify the available skills and resources for allocation to other activities.

Map View

Maps provide a real-time visual representation of all your locations at the site or anywhere in the world. You can select a location and view everyone currently present at the location on the map of your facility.


The system allows you to capture images, videos, voice and voice-to-text messages and email to anyone at the site. The communication tool provides proficiency by allowing the user to collaborate with anyone within the chain of command. Everyone involved with the task is updated continuously with the project progress.

Jobsite Mass Alert Messaging System

Send mass SMS mobile text or email alerts to your workforce and/or project management team. This real-time mass notification system helps in communicating with the field for weather alerts and time-sensitive messages designed to keep your workforce safe and informed.

Safety Management

Safety and Trade Skill Administration

Manages member’s safety and skill training sessions. The training module also helps in maintaining a proactive approach to safety and skill training, by conducting regular safety training and education sessions.


DominateWorkforce Management System incorporates an extensive set of configurable alerts and notifications to help supervisors address urgent issues on the spot. It helps you control restricted access to areas or equipment, monitor suspicious activities around sensitive zones, and alert operators accordingly. Alerts can be set to notify operators via email, SMS, pop-up screens, strobe light or buzzer.

Missing Safety Gear Detection

Missing safety gear is a serious issue for any construction site. Construction companies must verify if the worker has the required personal protective equipment when entering the site or a specific hazardous location. DominateWorkforce Management system helps you to lower your site’s incident rate and personal injuries by alerting which required safety gear is missing when a worker is entering a specific location.

Mustering & Emergency Evacuation Management

Safe and timely evacuation is the cornerstone of any emergency management plan. At the time of emergency, the mustering dashboard displays people present and missing at each assembly area (safe zone). Managers can quickly view the missing person’s name and current location. The Gateways installed around the jobsite accommodate the evacuation process with a 110-dB alarm and flashing LED lights. The system provides unparalleled visibility with seamless evacuation capability visibility with seamless evacuation capability.

100% Mobility

Operate your entire site from a mobile device. Mobile applications provide on-site data acquisition and capture. Use it to view workforce in real-time, allocate workforce to other foremen or tasks, communicate with other members of the project, etc.

Role Level Security

You can define a role for any member of your organization. Decide what your employees have access to and what you want them to see.

Project Management Integration

System is integrated with Oracle’s Primavera. The intelligent Import Wizard allows the user to import and export from any project management tools such as Microsoft PM and others.

API Integration

Extensive APIs allow you to quickly and easily integrate with your existing Access Control, HRS, ERP and any other software to provide your application with the latest technological capabilities.


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