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We offer integrated turnkey solutions to address your unique business needs in the most cost-efficient way. We make it easy for you to start with one and move up to the next anytime your requirement changes. We are a single-source solution for your digital transformation.

Smart Asset Management

Full featured, enterprise-level cradle-to-grave asset management.

Smart Maintenance (CMMS)

Maximize equipment uptime, reliability, availability, and drive an efficient maintenance operation.

Industrial IoT

Move up to industry 4.0 with the most comprehensive industrial IoT solutions integrated with our low-cost IoT hardware to make your digital transformation migration effortless.



$ 50



$ 75



$ 100

/user/month (minimum 5 users)

Smart Asset Management (EAM)
Unlimited assets
Unlimited configurable asset attributes
Unlimited parent/child relationship
Unlimited locations and category
Multi site
Map and facility floor plan
Asset Check-out / Check-in
Asset Transfer-out / Transfer-in
Kit Management
Asset Reservation Management
Asset Rental/Lease Management
Asset warranty tracking
Asset audits
Document Management
Inventory Tracking
Asset Depreciation tracking
Auto asset description builder
Label designer
Asset disposal
Mobile apps (iOS and Android)
Asset dashboard
Asset list dashboard
Asset status dashboard
Category dashboard
Restful API access
IBM Maximo integration
Email & SMS notifications
Push notifications
Smart Maintenance Management (CMMS)
Preventive and corrective maintenance
Unlimited Work order creation and planner
Auto triggered work requests
Work order approval
Time and cost tracking
Technician Dispatch management
Maintenance Task Lists
User defined PM Plans
Maintenance calendar dashboard
Maintenance dashboard
Work Order KPI
Asset downtime & utilization
Meter readings
Photo, pdf and video upload
Signature capture
Industrial IoT
Integrated RFID, BLE, Sensors, LoRa and GPS technologies
Integrated with the following sensors:
- Temperature/humidity sensor
- Vibration and motion sensor
- Power sensor (current & voltage)
- Methane detector sensor
- Smoke and water leak sensors
- Light sensors
- CO detector Sensor
- Dangerous gas sensors. >
- Air qality sensors
- Man-down (fall detection) sensor
- SOS/panic button sensor
Condition-based maintenance
AI-based predictive analysis
Real-time asset visibility dashboard
Real-time Map dashboard
Real-time Movement Dashboard
Real-time Sensor dashboard
Real-time Location System (RTLS)
Real-time asset visibility on indoor/outdoor map
Real-time alerts
Real-time asset utilization tracking
IoT device monitoring
Unlimited device data transmission
End to end security
Wikipedia User Manuals
Traning Webinars
Online Knowledge Base
Phone Support
Dedicated Account Manager

Industrial IoT Hardware

We offer integrated IoT hardware at rock bottom pricing

to help you upgrade to IoT with absolute minimum costs and risks.

Industrial IoT Hardware Features

  • Plug & play, pre-configured for harsh industrial environment
  • No local Wi-Fi or internet required (creates its own BLE Mesh Network)
  • Quick installation and expansion (less than 2 minutes per device)
  • Read Range of up to 100 meters (330 ft.)
  • IP67 ratings (water and dust proof)
  • High availability with no single point of faiure
  • End to end security

Industrial IoT Devices

Temperature/Humidity sensor

High Temperature Sensor (850F)

Vibration & Motion Sensor

Power Sensor (voltage & current)

Light Sensor

Water Leak Sensor

Smoke Sensor

Methane detector Sensor

CO (Carbone Monoxide) Gas Sensor

H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) Gas Sensor

NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) Gas Sensor

SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide) Gas Sensor

O3 (Ozone) Sensor

ETOH (Ethanol) Gas Sensor

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Sensor

RESPIRR (Respiratory Irritant, Air Quality) Sensor

Combo Sensor (Temp/Humidity, light, air)

IR Motion Sensor

LoRa Temperature & Humidity Sensor

LoRa Environment Sensor (Temp/humidity, air quality & pressure)

LoRa Liquid Level Sensor

LoRa Water Leak Sensor

LoRa Contact Sensor

LoRa Personnel Tag (GPS & Motion)

RS-485 (Modbus) to LoRa WAN converter

Magnetic Contact Sensor

Belt Sensor with Man-down and SOS button

Helmet Sensor with Man-down and SOS button

Slim Asset Tag Sensor

Wireless Site Emergency Event Notification

GPS Personnel Tag

IoT Connectivity

Location Router

IoT Celluar Gateway

Mini Wi-Fi IoT Gateway

LoRa Mini IoT Gateway

LoRa IoT Gateway

* IoT hardware are sold seperatly.

* IoT devicess require a separate device management subscription free .Learn More

Want to Try IoT Hardware Kit?

Start-Up Kit

You may desire a trial of an IoT-based system before proceeding with full implementation.

We have an easy-to-implement, ready-to-go kit that can quickly get you to test drive this fantastic technology.

You can choose from all motion sensors, motion and temperature combo, or all temperature and humidity. The kit will help you understand the concept, installation, and view results. The equipment will be a part of your final installation, so your initial investment is secured.

Go ahead and order one. We are confident that you will continue your successful journey into Industry 4.0.

IoT Devices All Motion Motion + Temp All Temp/Humidity
IoT Gateway 1 1 1
Location Router 3 3 3
Motion Sensor 5 3
Temp/humidity sensor 2 5
Price $495 $495 $495
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