Facility / Property Management

Facility Property Management


Ready-to-use industrial IoT SaaS solutions enable your facility to wirelessly connect your assets, machines, workforce, and environment to the digital world.

Machine Monitoring

  • Retrofit your older properties with the latest IoT technology at a fraction of the time and cost.

  • Use IoT to harness the asset data to maximize equipment uptime, reliability, and availability.

  • 24/7 real-time indoor/outdoor tracking of assets, equipment, and maintenance workload.

  • Manage equipment and tools check-Out/In, and Transfer-Out/In for full chain of custody visibility.


Equipment Maintenance

  • Minimize unscheduled downtime with state-of-the-art predictive maintenance capabilities.

  • Automatically keeps track of working counter (hours, odometer, date, or the number of times used.)

  • Connect your maintenance and subcontractor workforce to your equipment anywhere, anytime.

  • Empower management with real-time data to schedule technicians, maintenance workload, and priorities.

  • Put your maintenance management on autopilot and have the system to auto-trigger work orders based on equipment conditions


Real-time Visibility

  • Real-time visibility of your facility’s environment and assets (reporting operational, idle, down, or in-maintenance status).

  • Real-time visibility of your facility’s environment (temp, dangerous gases, leak, smoke, etc.).

  • Real-time visual dashboards.

  • Real-time alerts & notifications.

  • Incident management and corrective actions.

  • Seamlessly connects equipment with your maintenance team, production, and quality control.



  • Measure asset performance, capacity utilization, and availability.

  • Real-time alerts & notifications for security, accountability, and validation at every step of your operation.

  • Connect your properties and field operation to the top floor to improve operational efficiency by identifying potential failures and reducing total asset cost of ownership.

  • Evaluate the life cycle of your machine for a better financial impact on your bottom-line.

And a lot more….

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