Smart Visitor Management

Visitor Tracking Features:

Quick and seamless visitor entrance & exit.

Real-time indoor & outdoor tracking of visitors.

SMS, screen pop up & email alerts.

Alerts if a visitor strays from his/her designated location.

Manage blacklist visitors and entities.

Fall detection, mustering and emergency evacuation tracking.

Tracks time spent on each floor.

Works with barcode, passive and active RFID.

Integrates with third party applications and hardware.

Real-time dashboard and reporting.

Real-time Location Occupancy Dashboard

Real-time Location Activity Dashboard

Shift Hours Setup

Visitor / Contractor / Staff BLE Tags

ISO Card Tag
Pendant Tag
Wearable Tag
Lanyard Tag
Hang Tag
Keychain Tag

BLE Mesh Solution Features:

  1. No AC Power Required. Runs on Long-lasting Battery.
  2. No Internet Connection Required. Creates its Own BLE Mesh Network.
  3. Encrypted and Secured Network.
  4. High Availability with No Single Point of Failure.s
  5. Complete Site Coverage.
  6. Quick Installation, Expansion and Maintenance Costs.
  7. Reusable Tags, Routers and Gateways.
  8. Man Down Detection.
  9. SOS Button for Emergency Alert Notification.
  10. Read Range of up to 50 meters.
  11. Mobile Tag Scanning.

IoT Gateway & BLE Mesh Connectivity Dashboard

Cloud Communication Architecture

Cloud Server Hosting

  • Our cloud servers are in USA, France and Canada.
  • Platform can be hosted on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and others.
  • Platform can be hosted locally on the customer servers.

Cloud Communication

  • The access to the cloud platform using any device is via HTTPS (point to point secure) connection.

Data Back-up

  • Full backup weekly.
  • Daily differential backup.
  • 15 minutes log backup.
  • Back-up data is saved on separate servers in different regions.

Mesh Secure Communication

Dominate SmartSite Mesh Security Features

  • Message integrity, confidentiality and replay protection
  • Node authenticity
  • High availability

Cryptographic Algorithms Used

  • AES128 counter mode
  • OMAC1 message integrity



  • 24/7 real-time tracking of visitors and contractors.
  • Alerts if a visitor or contractor stray from their designated location.
  • Authenticate and maintain visitor and staying records.
  • Manage blacklist visitors and entities.
  • Track walk-ins and appointments.


  • Fall detection and SOS alerts.
  • Mustering and Emergency Evacuation Management.


  • Enhance your visitor experience.
  • Puts your staff in control of every visit.
  • Complete automation with touchless wireless tracking.


  • Personalize all the settings.
  • Use Android and iOS apps for optimize process efficiency.

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