Asset Management Challenges

  • Do you know what assets you have, how many, and where they are in real-time?
  • Do you have visibility of your asset utilization? Do you know which assets are idle?
  • Do you have full traceability of the chain-of-custody of your assets?
  • Are you able to allocate equipment to specific projects?
  • Can you easily manage equipment planning and resource allocation?
  • Are your asset audits slow and time-consuming? Do you find discrepancies in your audits?
  • Are you in compliance with your asset management regulations (internal/external)?

Cradle-to-Grave Asset Management

Manage & Track Your Assets. Indoor or Outdoor, Anywhere, Anytime.

Comprehensive asset management platform with wireless IoT capabilities for managing your capital assets, equipment and tools.

You can also supercharge your existing application with the power of wireless IoT.

  • Asset Type with unlimited Attributes
  • Asset Check-out/In, Transfer-Out/In
  • Asset Audits (Counts, Misplaced, Missing, Search)
  • Asset Reservation and Scheduling Management
  • Asset Rental Tracking

Asset check-Out/In & Transfer-Out/In

Full chain of custody visibility

  • Quick asset check-out process
  • Check-out assets to a user, customer or project
  • Cost tracking of checked out assets
  • Email due date reminders to custodians
  • Securely transfer-out/In assets to/from facilities

Asset Audit

Quick and accurate asset audit

  • Eliminate  loss of productivity chasing lost or misplaces assets
  • Comply with your asset management regulations (intenal/external)
  • Know missing and misplaced assets in minutes
  • Email due date reminders to custodians

Asset Reservation & Rental Management

Reduce CAPEX and expand your resources

  • Manage high valued assets efficiently
  • Reduce rental costs
  • Unlimited reservations against an asset
  • Rental Management with due date reminders


Document Control

100% Paperless, 100% Digital.

Consolidate your documents, images, videos, transaction records, certifications, inspection approvals in a single digital portal, accessible from any location, on any device, by all authorized users across the enterprise.

  • O&M manuals
  • Drawings, Schematics
  • 3D models, BIM
  • Images, Videos
  • Vendor Submittals

Use Data to Realize Efficiencies,Minimize Costs, Control Risks & Improve Asset Performance.

  • Gain complete visibility and control of all equipment and
    assets across your facility.
  • Leverage data automation for asset allocation analysis and reporting.
  • Eliminate the need to search for lost or misplaced items.
  • Improve asset availability, and cut down on time wasted for
    asset tracking and management.
  • Automate asset management including check-in/check-out,
    auditing and reporting.
  • Reduce asset-related operating costs, extend asset life and
    Improve ROA (return on assets).
  • Decrease downtime and monitor asset health and performance.
  • Optimize asset utilization within and across projects.
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