Operational Challenges

  • Is unplanned downtime stopping your operations?
  • Is your production machinery in tip-top shape?
  • Can you predict when a machine should be shut down to prevent a failure?
  • Do you know which asset needs to be serviced this month?
  • Do you have the right spare parts to service them?
  • Do you have real-time visibility of your shop/field maintenance workload?
  • Is your field workforce linked to real-time information for faster and better decisions?
  • Can you effortlessly allocate the work orders to meet the daily demand changes?
  • Do you meet your operation’s environment, emissions and safety standards?

Preventive Maintenance

Maximize Equipment Uptime, Reliability and Availability!

Drive an efficient maintenance operation

  • Condition-based Planned & Corrective Maintenance
  • Auto-triggering Work Order Creation
  • Technician Dispatch with One-click Assignment
  • Maintenance Task Lists
  • Maintenance Dashboards
  • Maintenance Cost Tracking
  • Instant Maintenance Requests

You can also enable your existing maintenance application with the power of Dominate wireless IoT sensors.

Maintenance Task List

Deliver Reliable & Consistent Maintenance Every Time!

Setup unlimited task lists for each type of maintenance to simplify and aid technicians when performing the service.

Assign estimated time to each task for comparison with the actual time spent to drive performance KPI.

User-defined Preventive Maintenance Plans

Watches Your Equipment Maintenance Lifecycle Without You Watching It!

Setup unlimited recurring maintenance work orders to occur per piece of equipment based on conditions such as calendar date, odometer, usage hours and number of usages to automatically trigger maintenance notifications.


Document Control

100% Paperless, 100% Digital.

Consolidate your documents, images, videos, transaction records, certifications, inspection approvals in a single digital portal, accessible from any location, on any device, by all authorized users across the enterprise.

  • O&M manuals
  • Drawings, Schematics
  • 3D models, BIM
  • Images, Videos
  • Vendor Submittals

Deploy Dominate Smart Asset Management and witness the miraculous results:

  • Improved operational efficiency.
  • Improved asset availability and performance.
  • Improved utilization of existing assets.
  • Improved equipment planning and resource allocation.
  • Reduced equipment downtime.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership.
  • Reduced excessive idle assets.
  • Reduced accidents and incident rates
  • Reduced Returnable Transport Items (RTI) losses
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