Technology Agnostic Industrial IoT Devices


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Dominate SmartSite LoRa


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Dominate SmartSite Sensors

GPS Devices

Dominate SmartSite GPS Devices

Plug & Play Industrial IoT Hardware

IoT That’s Ready to Use.
Ready to Scale.

Pre-configured IoT hardware designed for harsh industrial environment without a need for AC power or network connection enables your operation to be IoT ready within days.

  • No AC Power Required. Runs on long-lasting Battery (12 months).
  • No Internet Connection Required (Creates its Own BLE Mesh Network).
  • Quick Installation and Expansion (less than 2 minutes per device).
  • Read Range of Up to 100 Meters (300 ft)
  • IP67 Ratings (water & dust proof)
  • High Availability with No Single Point of Failure

Plug & Play
Industrial IoT Devices

Temperature/Humidity sensor

High Temperature Sensor (850F)

Vibration & Motion Sensor

Power Sensor (voltage & current)

Light Sensor

Water Leak Sensor

Smoke Sensor

Methane detector Sensor

CO (Carbone Monoxide) Gas Sensor

H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) Gas Sensor

NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) Gas Sensor

SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide) Gas Sensor

O3 (Ozone) Sensor

ETOH (Ethanol) Gas Sensor

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Sensor

RESPIRR (Respiratory Irritant, Air Quality) Sensor

Combo Sensor (Temp/Humidity, light, air)

IR Motion Sensor

LoRa Temperature & Humidity Sensor

LoRa Environment Sensor (Temp/humidity, air quality & pressure)

LoRa Liquid Level Sensor

LoRa Water Leak Sensor

LoRa Contact Sensor

LoRa Personnel Tag (GPS & Motion)

RS-485 (Modbus) to LoRa WAN converter

Magnetic Contact Sensor

Belt Sensor with Man-down and SOS button

Helmet Sensor with Man-down and SOS button

Slim Asset Tag Sensor

Wireless Site Emergency Event Notification

GPS Personnel Tag

IoT Connectivity

Location Router

IoT Celluar Gateway

Mini Wi-Fi IoT Gateway

LoRa Mini IoT Gateway

LoRa IoT Gateway

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