Low Latency Router

Low Latency Router is designed for BLE Mesh Network to support scanning dense Tag environments. The devices never go to sleep thereby increases the Tag detection capacity. Its internal rechargeable battery provides full power capacity for over 30 days without the AC power. It quickly recharges its batteries when AC becomes available.


  • Workforce Management
  • Asset Tracking


Description BLE Router, BLE Mesh Network
Model Name Low Latency Router
Size (H x W x L) 100*70*50 mm


BLE Module NRF52832
RFID Antenna HF, NFC Antenna
Power Output 100m (+4dbm)
Ingress Protection IP65. Dust Proof
Input AC Power 120-220V AC
Battery Type Three 18650 dry cells, Rechargeable
Battery Lifetime 30 days without AC Power
Battery Type Rechargeable
Attachment Method Screw, Magnet, Adhesive, Cable Tie
Color White
Material ABS
Operating Temperature -20 to +55ºC

-4 to +131ºF

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