DS-PT10 is a passive UHF RFID hard tag with Tie-Wrap, providing automatic identification and tracking capabilities never before available in a unique package designed for rugged or hazardous use-areas. This plastic-covered RFID hard tag is molded onto a tie-wrap and is designed to be mounted to metallic surfaces by securing the tie-wrap around any pipe or round metal object. DS-PT10 can withstand unprecedented high temperature, high pressure and severe environmental conditions.

  • Up to 2 meters read range
  • Up to 512 bits of user memory
  • Optimized for both metal and non-metal surfaces.


  • Construction
  • Oil & Gas
  • Asset Tracking
  • Manufacturing


Type: Harsh Environment UHF RFID Tag
Model No.  DS-PT10
Read Range Up to 2 m
Protocol EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C)
Frequency Range 902-928 MHz (US), ETSI

866-868 MHz (EU)

Dimensions Standard Tie Length 280 mm

(Other lengths and tie materials available upon request)

Material Polyolefin thermoplastic
IP Rating IP69K
Operating Temperature -50ºC to +100ºC
IC Type Alien Higgs 3 (others options available upon request)
EPC Standard: 128 bits (Optional: Up to 240 bits upon request)
User Memory 512 bits
TID 64 bits
Material Compatibility Any material. Optimized for both metal and non-metal surfaces.

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