RF Prisma is the state-of-the-art RFID portable reader best optimized for identifying stacked Items individually requiring enhanced radiated power. It penetrates extremely deep and far up to 23ft. In addition, it features Bluetooth communication securing seamless data transfer, as well as tracing capability to locate targeted objects.

  • Bluetooth 4.1 (SPP/iAP2)

RF Prisma takes the latest Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth 4.1 Classic (SPP/iAP2)

  •  Utmost read range & RF power

The combination of its linearly beamforming antenna and powerful 30dBm RF output makes it possible for the radio wave to reach up to 23ft (7m) ahead.

  •  Super-fast read rate

Its read rate is up to 300 tags/sec, thanks to adopting high-end Impinj Indy R2000

  •  Light-weight

It is as light as 220g, so there is no worry about pain in the arm or wrist against many-hours reading operation.

  • Elegant and ergonomic design

Its ergonomic design can provide users more comfortable grip while the elegant design is best suited for various retail work environment.


Model: DS-HH100
Read Range: Up to 7m (23ft) read range
Compatible Host devices (Bluetooth): Android, iOS, Host device must have Bluetooth wireless technology functionality
Frequency Range: 865~868MHz for EU, 902~928MHz for other countries
Operating Temp 32°F – 122°F, 0°C – 50°C
Size (H x W x L) 171x117x40 mm        

6.73×4.6×1.57 inch

Notification: 3 level of single tone buzzer

(off, low, high)

Color: Black, White, Red, Pink
Additional Features: Auto sleep mode

(configurable) / Up to 1m waterproofing for circuit protection

Weight: 220g
Communications: Bluetooth 4.1 Classic / SPP / iAP2 (MFi)
Barcode scanner(optional) 1D/2D Barcode Scanner

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