The wireless-based ETOH detector detects presence of Alcohol or Ethanol and sends the data wirelessly (via BLE Mesh) to the IoT Gateway. The IoT Gateway sends the data to the cloud platform.


  • Poor Air Quality Detection
  • Indoor Air Monitoring
  • Air Purification Control
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Warehousing & Supply-chain Management


Description ETOH Gas Detector Sensor (BLE)
Model No. ETOH-Gas Sensor
BLE Mesh Network Connects to our BLE Mesh Network, eliminating the need for IT Infrastructure.
Measurement Range 0 to 800 ppm
Resolution 0.3 ppm
Accuracy  15% of reading
Expected Operating Life > 5 years (10 years @ 23+/-3C; 40+/-10% RH)
Operating Temperature Range -20 to 40 °C (-30 to 55 °C intermittent)
Operating Humidity Range 15 to 95% (0 to 100% non-condensing intermittent)
Size (LxWxH) 100x70x50 mm

3.94×2.76×1.97 in

Power Source 110-240 VAC (50-60 Hz)
Transmission Power Output 100m (+4dbm)
Color White
Material ABS
Attachment Method Screw, Adhesive, Cable Tie

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