IR Motion Detector Sensor

This is a wireless battery-based infrared motion detector sensor. Once it detects a motion, it sends the data wirelessly (via BLE) to the IoT Gateway. This device can also connect to the BLE Mesh Network through connecting to our Low Latency Router. It has adjustable detection sensitivity making it suitable for a variety of detection environments. Its sealed induction cavity design avoids false alarms caused by thermal current interference.


  • Occupancy Detection
  • Equipment Usage Detection
  • Environment Monitoring


Description BLE IR Motion Detector Sensor
Model No. DS-Motion Detector Sensor
BLE Type BLE 4.1. Can also connect to our BLE Mesh Network.
Output Transmission Alarm Report, Tamper Alert, Battery Level Status, Heartbeat
Size (LxWxH) 100x100x33.5 mm

3.93×3.93x.3.14 in

Power Output 100m (+4dbm)
Alarm Indicator LED Status Indicator
Detection Distance 6m at 25ºC
Detection Area 360º looking down at height of 2.5-4m.
Ingress Protection IP65. Dust Proof
Battery Type Two LR6 1.5V Batteries
Battery Lifetime 24 months*
Battery Replaceable Yes
Color White
Material ABS
Operating Temperature -20 to +50ºC

-4 to +122ºF

*Note Depends on the usage

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