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Dominate Smart Asset Management Solution helps Manage Vehicle Accidents for SAAED

Dominate Smart Asset Management System Helps Police at Accident Scenes
December 12, 2020

Dominate Smart Asset Management solution Provides the police with real-time visibility of their critical assets as they reach an accident scene. It helps them make sure that in all their accident responses vehicles contain all the required assets.

SAAED is a semi-government owned company that works on applying systems to meet the requirements of government organizations that wish to manage and control motor vehicle accidents in the most secure and efficient way. SAAED is responsible for reaching the site of an emergency as the first responders and to secure, manage, and record the accident.

Emergencies and motor vehicle accidents can occur anytime, with all types of vehicles and under a myriad of conditions. Low visibility in some cases adds to the operational challenges. SAAED has to make sure that all its accident response vehicles contain all the required assets when they reach the scene. Failure of and missing items are not an option in these critical missions. Misplacing or forgetting any asset leads to inaccuracy and delay, which may also lead to casualties in some cases. A simple missing flashlight, for example, could be a disaster during a night mission.

At the emergency site, inspectors secure the road from oncoming traffic using equipment from their vehicle, thereby reducing the possibility of further accidents. They also investigate and survey the accident scene for the purpose of processing accident reconstruction in order to get in-depth analysis and identify the faulty party, which is necessary for analyzing the collision dynamics.

In order to be close to the accident sites, the accident response vehicles are located in five strategic locations throughout the country. One of the challenges was the loss of valuable assets while transferring them from one location to another. Facing this, the organization demanded a fully automated system that would perform automated stock count of their assets without any errors and in a shorter time span.

With these requirements, SAAED approached Dominate SmartSite to install a fully automated Asset Management System.

The objective was to install an asset management system that would ensure the accident responding vehicles have all the assets and tools present that are required to manage and clear out accident scenes. Some of these assets include laptop, tablet, measuring tapes, flashlights, marking tapes, ruler, digital and video cameras with spare batteries and tripods, clipboard, writing papers, high visibility barrier tape, printer, spare parts, paints, management and smart monitoring systems.

Dominate Smart Asset Management Solution:

Dominate SmartSite installed the Smart Asset Management System. The system is comprised of a web-based server application and a series of mobile applications that utilize passive RFID technology that would provide SAAED with real-time asset visibility. This system enhanced the organization’s operations with increased efficiency, lowering cost and adding accountability, control and security.

Passive RFID tags are attached to every asset in the accident response vehicles. Before the vehicles leave their stations, an RFID handheld is used to scan each vehicle’s assets to make sure all assets are available.

The Smart Asset Management System compares its result with the previous scan and shows any discrepancies. Besides showing what is missing, the System will display any asset that was moved from other vehicles as a misplaced asset.

The user can choose to make the misplaced asset’s current location as the permanent location or move it back to its designated vehicle. The same scan done at the end of a shift or a mission will also yield the same informative results.

The Smart Asset Management System also offers the following features:

    • Asset Audit
    • Misplaced Search
    • Proof of Presence
    • Transfer between Locations
    • Kit Verify
    • Check-Out/Check-In

Result and Conclusion:

With Dominate Smart Asset Management System, SAAED wastes no more time by manually checking for assets and doing the traditional time-consuming manual method of stock counting.


Dominate SmartSite’s fully automated system tracks asset movement and location in real-time and thereby eliminates shrinkage and strengthens security against losses. The Smart Asset Management System provides asset accuracy and visibility, along with saving time used to search for lost or misplaced assets.

With Dominate Smart Asset Management, when SAAED accident response vehicles leave their stations, they are fully prepared to deal with any situation under various conditions.

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