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Digitization of Asset Management in Manufacturing Industry: a Real Path to Success

Digitization of Asset Management in Manufacturing Industry: a Real Path to Success
January 24, 2021

When highly complex machines and equipment are used in all industries, with productivity being the focus of every business, it is of utmost importance to utilize assets optimally. Sustainability is achievable only when equipment downtime, risks, and costs are reduced. Therefore, the digitization of asset management and performance activities becomes a must.

Dominate Smart Asset Management leverages its powerful features to ensure the optimal utilization of assets in industrial environments. It helps you turn your sensor-based machine data into real-time actionable intelligence and gives you valuable insights to enable better decision-making, leading to increased productivity and profitability.

Dominate Smart Asset Management Features

 Real-Time Location Tracking

Just like people, assets, and vehicles are mobile, and their real-time whereabouts becomes crucial in running a smooth and profitable operation. With its Real-time Location Tracking capability, Dominate Smart Asset Management System helps visualize assets and vehicles’ locations on live maps, indoors or outdoors. It allows users to see what is happening on their site and ensures their workplaces’ safety, efficiency, and reliability.

 Smart Asset Maintenance

Manufacturing is known as an asset-heavy industry. Therefore, the well-being of the operation depends on the well-being of assets to a great extent. This makes it essential to develop and follow appropriate plans for the right maintenance at the right time to reduce downtime and eliminate machine failures.

 Dominate Smart Maintenance (CMMS) module uses sensor-based machine data to optimize

your preventive and predictive maintenance management. The system uses time or meter-based triggers to calculate the right time for preventative maintenance. It utilizes advanced algorithms to predict when an asset may fail and provides ample time for the personnel to perform the necessary service before a sudden shutdown. Its real-time dashboards allow you to monitor KPIs and instantly get the critical information that empowers you to make better, more informed decisions.

 IoT Smart Sensors

Manufacturers and industrial companies have long utilized sensors for various purposes. With the rise of IoT, sensors are ubiquitous with more profound impacts and much more comprehensive use cases. The result is real-time, seamless connectivity, and enhanced analytics that assist advanced industrial machine and environment monitoring.

Dominate Smart Asset Management system uses small, low-cost, but robust and reliable sensors to collect real-time data for real-time insights and decision-making. The technology-agnostic system uses sensors designed for harsh environments to provide real-time visibility into processes and workflows.

 Real-time Alerts and Notifications

In manufacturing settings, just like many other operations, it is crucial to immediately respond to unexpected events, suspicious or unauthorized activities, and unplanned breakdowns.

Dominate Smart Asset Management uses real-time alerts and notifications to provide users with real-time updates, helping them act fast and prevent downtime or costly losses and damages. The system generates alerts in real-time (Pop-up messages, SMS, Email) and sends them to designated receivers to respond with corrective actions.

Dominate Smart Maintenance Management helps manufactures address their asset management challenges to drive results. The system used the latest IoT-based sensors to collect, analyze, access, and utilize asset data. It helps you get the most out of your physical assets, improve your predictive and preventive maintenance program, get real-time alerts and notifications, and much more. Empower your operation and increases efficiency through reducing downtime (and therefore costs), centralizing asset management, and improving human and asset safety.

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