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Preventive Maintenance Ensures Enhanced Equipment Reliability and Workforce Safety in Construction Industry

Preventive Maintenance
July 9, 2020

In today’s construction environment there is no room left for Run-to-Failure maintenance strategy, since when a machine fails, the result is unforeseen downtime and expensive repairs that negatively affect the company. Downtime brings about significant losses in productivity. It also adversely impacts other operations through the jobsite. What’s more, when a machine is down, you have to undergo financial losses due to delays and lost working hours. As the saying goes, the cost of returning the machine to work is never zero.

One other risk that results from poor maintenance of equipment and machinery in construction sites is the life-threatening injuries and accidents that happen regularly. Construction sites are dangerous workplaces, the work is mainly physical, and the machinery are very powerful. Those workers who get injured in these environments often undergo serious health problems and chronic pain. To avoid such injuries and accidents, it is crucial to make our construction sites safe environments by providing our workers with safe equipment and machinery.

Considering the above mentioned reasons, companies are nowadays adopting more adequate maintenance strategies such as predictive and preventive maintenance. Systematic implementation of preventive maintenance will guarantee construction equipment’s continued operation while ensuring safe conditions for both the machine and the operator.

Preventive Maintenance: Reduced Downtime and Enhanced Workforce Safety

Preventive Maintenance refers to the regular maintenance activities done to prevent unexpected equipment breakdown and expensive repair costs. The philosophy behind preventive maintenance is to systematically apply engineering knowledge to equipment and machinery in order to ensure their proper performance and reduce their rate of wear and tear. This is done by identifying weaknesses in different parts of machines, fixing problems and preventing failure before it occurs.

Adhering to a preventive maintenance program allows you to repair or replace damaged equipment before noticeable problems come about. This will ensure equipment reliability as well as a significant reduction in downtime. For a preventive maintenance program to be effective and successful, careful scheduling of maintenance on equipment is required. And to ensure that maintenance work is done according to the schedule, the best practice is to use a reminder system to alert you that the preventive maintenance is due.

Dominate Smart Maintenance Management (CMMS) Solution allows you to schedule maintenance activities based on calendar days, odometer readings, runtime hours, or the number of usage of assets and machines, and issues notifications and alerts to remind you of the approaching due date.

Implementing preventive maintenance will provide you with increased equipment lifetime and safety, fewer accidents, and reduced cost of downtime. Our system makes use of the following system components and methods to render your preventive maintenance scheduling and management easier and more efficient.

Preventive Maintenance Tracking and Management

The Smart Maintenance Management Solution allows you to manage all aspects of your equipment and assets’ preventive maintenance (PM). You can schedule your equipment’s preventive maintenance, and then track and manage maintenance activities based on odometer reading, hours used, etc.

Vibration and Temperature Sensors

When operating, all equipment vibrate and naturally their temperature increases. However, too much vibration and excessively high temperatures are major threats for the asset’s health. Using low-cost beacon sensors, Dominate Smart Maintenance Management Solution allows vibration and temperature analysis to detect equipment disorders. This way, it provides you with information signaling potential failure in future.

Notifications, Alerts and Reports

The system’s Service Reports allows you to view a report of all PM Due Dates associated with an asset or a group of assets. You can also set the system to send you Preventive Maintenance Due Date notifications and alerts. This way, you will be always reminded of important due dates, and have a thorough visibility over your preventive maintenance schedule and plan.

With its preventive maintenance management capabilities, Dominate CMMS Solution helps you obtain a more efficient workflow by improving your control over your project, enhancing safety on your jobsite, reducing equipment downtime, minimizing safety hazards, increasing life expectancy of equipment, and reducing repair costs. It provides you with the necessary means to stay on schedule, stay on budget and work consistently to keep your overall project on the right track.

This innovative solution is a tipping point in affordability and simplifying implementation of Smart Maintenance Management System. You are going to love it, we promise.

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